Monday, 18 November 2013

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Research into plant history

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Small Scale Landscape

My aim for this mind map was to hone down my idea into a solitary sentence that defined the principle goals for my landscape project. The idea i had started with was good but not based on something concrete. This attempt to define my idea however proved to be unsuccessful. I feel as though it has opened more doors than it has closed. I could not define exactly what I wanted to achieve and why. At this stage I feel as though I need to explore the subject matter further, through experimental and contextual research.

Cardboard Landscape

As the model landscape didn't prove satisfactory I decided to investigate other methods of representation. I took a page out of Thomas Demand's book and tried using paper to create the small landscape scene. I bought brown card, green tissue paper, earth powder and spray mount.

Model Landscape

This first experiment into small scale landscapes used architects models to construct the scene. Fake sheets of grass, fake lichen and fake small trees were used to create the small scale landscape. I took documentary shots to use as information in my project but did not take well thought out and constructed imagery. I felt that the scene did not work, I could tell this by eye and so felt it unnecessary to develop the scene further. My justification for this was in that the scene did not portray the intended meaning I had wanted. The method used proved to be too visually fake, and something that already contained its own connotations. As the tools used have been seen reproduced in model railway sets and architectural plans so often those contexts haunt the scene. The viewer would unintentionally bring the meanings they had from those already used scenes into my images, which is something I fervently opposed.

Large Earth Landscape

Small Earth Landscape

Variation of plants

Monday, 30 September 2013

Talbot, W.H.F. 'An Oak Tree in Winter'

Landscape Ideas

This preliminary mind map enabled me to discover which ideas I wanted to take forward into further study and form my landscape project. I presented this mind map with explanations of my ideas to my peers. they were very helpful to gauge interest and understanding of each idea. The favourite being the small scale landscape idea. However it was clear that this idea needed further investigation on my part to define the idea into a coherent directed project basis.

Powerpoint presentation: 'The Son' by Tina Barney